We believe in being honest to one's self. That belief is the cornerstone of Beauty Society.


At Beauty Society, every one of our members is our most important member. Without you we can not succeed in our craft, our passion. Our dream is now a reality by providing you, not just as our peers but our partners, a space that is energizing, serene, collaborative and most importantly, tailored to your needs. That dream also extends to our community as we host local events to help give back. For those that have been on this journey with us, we can't wait to see you again. For those of you we haven't had the pleasure of spending time with yet - we can't wait to meet you and collaborate.


  •   tess dittberner

    Tess is a driven stylist/owner who has done so much in her tenure as a stylist. She is a go getter that sets her sights on a goal and always reaches it. She has vision and is always realistic in her goals. She has the spark and tenacity to create content for our website and social media. Because of her standing with LOreal professional as an educator she loves to collaborate and share knowledge.

  • judi alvarado

    Judi has 22 years in the industry and is ever the observer. She is passionate about her work and the professionalism she maintains. She is a visionary and makes things happen. She has purposely taken a few years to be herr own boss in a controlled scenario to understand her strengths and weaknesses. She is now taking that knowledge to create what she believes is the future of the salon industry. Innovation through entrepreneurship and collaboration.

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